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Join Our New Membership Program!

You have heard the word Patron, Patreon probably too many times if you follow anything I do. Basically it was a really cool Idea, but it's definitely time to break up with Patreon. We are launching the new and improved members right here on the website AUNTIETAY.COM

Everything will be right here at your fingertips! Our goal with the new membership is to simplify it so that we can focus on bringing more awesome things your way.

We totally appreciate all our lovely people, and almost a year and a half ago, we would have never expected to have over 2500 of you. Since we have grown, we have noticed the issues with Patreon taking from the awesomeness we can do.

So here are the new memberships and you can also see this on out BECOME A MEMBER page.

Basically, once you are a member, you have access to all our locked pages. You just have to be signed in.

We are splitting the tiers into 2 memberships.


We noticed an influx in creators joining our business tier just to get the extra SVGS, so we will be now moving all the SVGS down to our CrafTAY members. And our business membership will be focused strictly on small businesses.

BYE BYE Planner Club :( Well, not totally. Planner club is now

ALL OF YOUR LINKS IN 1 SPOT! + Coupon code will be right on the page!

New Messaging System!


Weekly Podcasts and Business Videos

+ Easy ways to send us your product to promote, and access to tons of business printables.

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