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20 Ideas for UVDTF That aren't CUPS!

UVDTF is sweeping the DIY and DIY Business industry! And for good reason. It is Super fast, and easy! I wanted to compile some suggestions for ideas you can use to create more unique and niched products with your business or gifts. I know I will be using this product for EVERYTHING this Christmas and for future weddings, bridal and baby showers.



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You can not order custom 22 inch by 24in Gang sheets with your own personal designs... or use any of our designs in our membership!

First let's make sure you know what UVDTF is!

And let's not let you get UVDTF and DTF confused.

What I LOVE about UVDTF

- It's permanent

- It's Waterproof

- It doesn't require a machine

- It's super easy!

These are ideas from bloggers and creators. ALL Original posts and links can be found on my Pinterest board here! (Not all of these are created with UVDTF, they just sparked ideas)


I love the idea of gifting personalized meaningful gifts.

Check out the NEW FAITH designs on the NEW UVDTF Page for our Members or SHOP THEM HERE.

Try adding decals to a a Journal too!

Any book or sleeve that has a somewhat hard cover would work great with UVDTF

I grabbed this rosegold bible on Amazon this week I can't wait to customize. I already have plans to get the girls their own and add their initial and some fun decals to it. >>> SHOP IT

NOT an artist but want to feel like one?

Try layering some flowers on a journal and then adding some bling, a foil HTV letter or monogram on top!

Our new Letter Sheets are so fun to work with for multimedia designs and projects.


How fun would it be to give a custom wine bottle as a gift, or favor at your bachelorette party, or to your bridal party.

You can design your bottles in canva using our elements! Add a bow or a custom wine back to elevate it even more!

NOT AN ALCOHOL DRINKER or Got a PREGGERS In the bunch? Grab some empty wine bottles on Amazon HERE and make your own non alcoholic drinks to bottle yourself.


Add custom art or decals to your A5 Clear Planners!

I love printing my own planners and A5 are fun because you can print them or order pre cut and holed sheets to print on. from Amazon.

We have a whole page of printables for our members


The amount of craft machines on the market that can be customized is so fun!

I will be adding this to EVERYTHING in the craftroom.

CUTE Waterproof Stickers + Car Decals:

These make super cute gifts or giveaways for new customers and more. Or just for the fun of marketing your business or having some pizzazz on your ride.


I love this way of sprucing up a mirror that may need a little decor. Add a gold frame or detail for more fun!


These would make great gifts, house warming presents of an addition to a gift basket. Try making your own candles

Try making your own candles with these fun kits on amazon.

Mickey Ears: With Acrylic or painted wood

If you don't make your own ears, you may be interested after hanging out here for a little while, we sew our ears, glow forge ears, and sublimate ears here all the time!

You can add UVDTF to acrylic, MDF or any hard surface you use to make your ears.

Check out The Mickey Ear Factory for more.

Leather Luggage Tags

Whether you sew your own tags or purchase them, you can add fun to them.

Bento Boxes:

Bento boxes are super easy and fun to make personalized. Try using our letter templates to create custom names or words to add!

Free Product stickers + Decals:

Try giving away a fun sticker in your packaging!

Dog Tags and other Acrylic Blanks:

Add custom decals or names to doggie tags to make them feel extra special.

CUTE Girls Trip Make Up Bags:

Add cute names or fun sayings to makeup bags for a fun girls trip or sleepover giveaway.

Sew your own bags and more with this product that UVDTF will stick to.

This is so fun! If you know how to sew the opportunities are endless with this material.

Acrylic Keychains:

These keychains are ALL the rage right now. Adding a cute little something can be so fun!

Acrylic Bookmarks:

You can cut your own or using acrylic blanks you can find on amazon. These can also be done out of wood!

Clear Tote Bags:CUTE

Add some cute decals to plastic tote bags to. make them go with a cute theme. Maybe pair with your DIY Candles and journals!?

Tumblers, Decals and Glass Cups:

Well, I hope that gave you some ideas that aren't cups, but cups still are SUPER fun to customize so have fun no matter what project you decide to make.

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