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10 Reasons to DIY Your Wedding with

Hey Guys! I am Auntie Tay! I have been married for 17 Years this year! WHAT?! Dustin and I are high school sweethearts and never had an actual wedding. We had the privilege to be in a styled shoot last year and I FELL IN LOVE with the vendors and opportunities there are in the wedding industry. Peep the rest of our photos at the end of this post. This year I decided I will be dedicated February each year to Weddings... There is a huge need for designs and resources. So... here is the 2023 inspiration for your wedding or any wedding you will be a part of this year.

Whether you are in a wedding, getting married, going to a wedding or in the wedding industry, the Auntie Tay membership is growing for YOU! We know that there are a few reasons why people DIY and a wedding is a time DIY can add so much unique flare, while helping save money and make everything a little more personal. It's also a prime time to wow a future couple with a fun DIY personalized gift.

So let's see some ways we suggest using the membership or wedding files to spruce up this season of life or start a business in the industry.

This post makes me SO happy because it is compiled of so many people I love who have gotten married and I was able to be a part of their big day in so many little ways.


planning a wedding is daunting. We have a fun printable planner to help get you started.


Consider a wedding planner if this seems too overwhelming. They will not only help you understand your needs, but help you with anything you may not have time with.

I have been privileged to work closely with Alexis Johnson Events as one of my business members, but see her take off in the wedding industry. She has recommended our membership to brides, and vendors over and over. I am picking her brain constantly on what DIY needs we can offer to brides and anyone in the industry. (See the bottom of the post for tips on starting a business in the wedding industry. Follow @AlexisJohnsonEvents for tips on wedding, or event knowledge and services she offers.

As a business member, if you work in the industry, you can use our files for any of your bridal customers needs.

2. Inviting The Bridal Party

Add our files to mugs, robes and a cute card or candle. These boxes can be tailored to your parties desires and interests.

(These adorable boxes were created by Alexis)

These are also a great product to sell to non crafty or busy brides.





Signage is so fun and can easily be done. We have done signs with vinyl, stencil and paint, or my personal favorite, wood and HTV. For Tiff's wedding I made this sign with flocked HTV and and a piece of wood. She added a few silk flowers and it was perfect for her nephew to hold down the isle.

Using signage for decor, locations and sentiment is a way to DIY with your wedding colors or themes.

Try using Chalkboards, Raw Wood, old Vintage windows, Acrylic Frames or sheets. Canvas, Fabric, blank thrifted items. We love signage with the membership because it can be so unique but done over and over again.




Taking consideration into what the guests will need to be comfortable is a great way to make your wedding memorable. Are you going to be combatting; bugs, heat, wind, cold, sun, noise, waiting to eat, keeping kids calm or busy, long dancing nights with hurting feet. Consider adding some fun and easy elements that people can keep if needed.

Sam made these adorable custom blankets with their last name on them and a cute sign.

You can do so many things for guest needs and we will be growing our files for guest needs. Consider hand held fans, blankets, a natural bug Spray, coloring pages, easy appetizers,

4. SHOW and Tell Shirts + Swag


SHOP Blank Swag In My Amazon Store

The best thing about being a wife, is getting to call yourself a wife... or wifey :) Adding wifey to EVERYTHING is a valid decision once you are married.

Jacquelyn is one of the sweetest wifeys around and makes a stunning bride. I was able to help with all her signage. She is a wedding photographer as The Experience Photography and has also grown in the wedding industry.

5. Wedding Invitations

I created canva templates that work with our partner CARDSTOCK WAREHOUSE

I deep dived into what people pay for invitations and can I just say, I was SHOOK? Whether you are printing your own or selling your own these files are going to save you money.



Check out how to Design your own Wedding invites with our template


Check. out how to Cut + Assemble your wedding invites


Check out how much money you can make selling your own Wedding Invites at the end of this post.

6. Wedding Decor

Sam used water jugs and added P with some of our wedding elements to make an adorable barn accent.

Find fun vintage elements and add your new last name to everything. These things make for amazing home decor once the new couple starts decorating their space together.

7. Bridal Shower/Bachelorette:

Before AJE was a wedding company, Alexis was getting married. She asked me to create files for her day of bridal shoot and that's really where my love for brides sparked. We know brides love their future husbands, but another thing they love is the girls who have carried them to the alter. Celebrating these ladies is such a joy in time of marriage and can be a time to show how much you value your people.


SHOP Blank Swag In My Amazon Store

Coozies are a fun way to celebrate at the pool or beach with your ladies.

Going on a hike, jog or somewhere cozy but casual for your bachelorette. Cute Tee shirts, sweats or shorts can be the cutest way to show off your gang.

Pamper them with the BEST tees by using BELLA + CANVAS which now is open to wholesale pricing to everyone. SHOP HERE

A Tote bag for each lady can be a GREAT way for them to stay organized on the wedding day. I have been in a few weddings where I forget all the places I have shoes, makeup, hair accessories, and more laying around.

Lauren from The Craft Scraps used our patterned vinyl with an offset and our SVGS with metallic vinyl on these tumblers and they are SO CUTE!!!

Pamper the party with cute Nail Polish. Lauren used our SVG to create a cute printable with some of our clipart.

These can be day of gifts with the color you want on their toes as well, or add to their proposal boxes.

You can't forget the security team! If you have a special friend who is willing to serve for safety of the goods, bless them with a custom piece of DIY fun so they know how important their roll is.

Sam used HTV and sewed a Doggie bandana for her pup! He did a great job, we are happy to report the rings did not get stolen...

8. Bridal Wear:

The Bride can be thinking about so many details, that is can be such a blessing to DIY some things for her, or help her if she doesn't know how to DIY. I have helped with shoes, shirts, robes and more when my friends have needed me. And to pamper a bride with a box would be so special.

Blinged Shoes:

Sam used our bling to make her super cute white vans even cuter. These can be done to make your wedding day more comfortable and still feel super cute.

Grab Bling or Glitter at It'

OUR members get 20% off

Business Members get 30% off


Try Mod Podge and Glitter for another fun look... Our Ultra Fine Pixie Dust would look amazing!

Get Auntie Tay Bling, Glitter and More at

Jean Jacket:

Sam added a lace detail to a jean jacket with glitter HTV for the cutest wifey touch! If it might be cold, add a cute accessory to grab fun photos in, you can add wifey to the back!


Sam's Photographer is amazing if you are in the

Paired with a DIY Hanger made with HTV

Wifey wear is SO much fun on the honeymoon... Going somewhere sunny? Add Some HTV to a hat, and bling it if you want some extra sparkle!


There are SO many ways to do table numbers for your wedding. Lauren from The Craft Scraps created these with Metallic Vinyl and Chalked Up paint.


My ultimate FAVORITE gift to give to a young couple is a marriage advice basket. This comes with a printable from our membership to guide you what to put in it. But try making your own advice (Use our canva template) and printing it. Then pair it with gifts for each tip of advice.

Make cute custom book marks for their future adventures if they love reading. Add some marriage prayers, or scriptures to them as well.

New Home Signs. The new couple will have lots of walls to decorate with their new wedding photos. Start them off with a fun home sign. These can be made so many ways.

Signs can be made so many ways,

This sign was paint stained with our chalked up paint by adding water. It makes for an instant surface to add vinyl, HTV, or stencil and paint.

I added HTV to journals for Chad and Erin to write notes to each other. Erin told me it was her favorite part of her basket and they almost used them up their 1st year. SO CUTE!

This is a canva template and works for an A5 Planner


SHOP JOURNALS is My Amazon Store

Tiffany at OCvintagecharm added Glitter HTV with our SVG to a gift bag and I am obsessed. What a beautiful way to package your gifts.


Want to make money jumping into the wedding industry? I have been privileged to watch a good Friend Alexis launch her wedding planning business and see how amazing the wedding industry can be for small business start ups. If you have a passion for DIY, the wedding industry is booming for the need of your help.

Brides and guests of weddings can be busy, and while they would love to DIY their own gifts and wedding decor, it can be hard to find the time. If you are wanting to offer a service or product, I would suggest looking at the list above and seeing if there is something you can create or add that would be something a bride would LOVE.

If you are in the industry or want to be, I would LOVE to have you in my business membership. We work to grow you in marketing, collaboration and creative strategy. We offer access to ALL of our crafting files, as well as 30% off to our partners.

How to make money selling wedding invitations


(Check back here for more breakdowns of cost and product you can sell soon!)

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