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Glow Forge 101 - VIDEO SERIES

So you got a Glow Forge, Now What?

Things Katie Makes gets you making with your Glowforge as simply and quickly as possible. Offering tutorials, SVGs, and custom creations so you can Make Cool Stuff with ease

VIDEO 1: Overview of your Machine

VIDEO 2:Setting Up Your Machine

VIDEO 3: Tools and Supplies You'll Need

VIDEO 4: Materials you can Cut

VIDEO 5: Designing with Your Glow Forge

VIDEO 6: Let's do Our First Project


Get to Know Katie some more:

I love to help new Glowforge owners (and people who want to buy one!) plan and start a business selling what you make with your Glowforge. I'll help you get up and running quickly so you can pay off your machine and work towards making as much money as you want with your much loved Glowforge creations. Here you'll find Glowforge setup and tutorials, Glowforge material suppliers, ideas for what to sell, Glowforge file design, Etsy for beginners, etc. Ideally, all the things you'll need in one place that otherwise could have you searching through myriad resources. I also aim to bring you project inspiration to keep those creative juices flowing and help you stand out from the crowd! I'll always share the details of how I did something so you can make it your own. I hope you'll join me to start your Glowforge journey!

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