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My heart for Africa started in 2010 when I stepped foot in Kenya for the first time. I served on a short 3 week mission and my life was forever changed. I since sponsor 4 children that I have met and pray for daily. I can never look at anything without filtering it through my Africa lens anymore. TAY stands for Think Above Yourself. Last year my family set aside $10,000 for giving Tuesday to launch a ministry care point in Kenya that we plan to take you along for the journey. Not only did we donate but my viewers raised another $8,000 and we were able to donate all of it to Christ's Hope International (CHI)! 

We will be working to go to Kenya and Uganda this year to document the movement we are starting with you guys. I have shared a little about my story but plan to unpack a lot of what God has done in my heart since the day I was called in 2010. We are so grateful for our partnership with CHI and the work they do to allow us to reach across the world with our hearts and be the hands and feet of Jesus we otherwise may never get the chance to. 

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OUR 2022 GIVEAWAY IS OPEN NOV 13th - 23rd

2018 - $8,000 RAISED! 

2020 - $10,640 RAISED! 
2021 - $12,900 RAISED!

100% of Proceeds go to CHI!


OUR 2022 Fundraiser is on hold.... It will be back LIVE ON GIVING TUESDAY 
10AM - 3:00PM

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