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How to LEGALLY Sell Disney Items

THIS IS AN AD FREE POST! You're Welcome :) No funny business here!

This is by far the number one question I get since creating my very first DIY Mickey Ear video for Youtube. I have done my research but REMEMBER, I am not a lawyer so PLEASE feel free to research further if you think you might be infringing. (notice I mentioned I used to sell these but now I don't)

I am going to cover A LOT, so grab a coffee and get comfy. Also bring your thinking hat because this is gonna be thought provoking.




Yes, they do, but that doesn't make it right. LOT'S of Etsy stores and online businesses have been sent cease and desist letters from companies they have infringed on. Company's other then Disney are more strict on this but as soon as they do you run the risk of getting your store completely removed from Etsy.

STOP IT! I know this stuff is cute, but buying it is illegal too. If you really want it, make it for personal use :)

GET A CRICUT IN MY AMAZON STORE and BUY HTV from (FYI this isn't an ad, this is my own website I do what I want!)


NOPE. Doesn't matter, if you are using a Disney image that you did not create. (And by create, I mean come up with the character because even hand drawn items can't be sold) Then you are infringing.


Inspired is NOT COPYING. If you have Belle all over your "inspired" item, you are not being inspired, you are copying. Here are a couple examples. Using a color scheme is not infringing, and making references to what the character loves or does is not infringing. Making the characters face, or anything else that came from someone besides you, is infringing. This can be a fine line so just be careful.


GOOD: Magic Wonders Boutique: Using statements but not quotes, with similar colors but no fonts of images from Disney. She even uses a licensed Disney character BY DISNEY to show that they compliment actual Disney property, but isn't selling Disney infringing items.

This store is using classic Characters to depict movies Disney has recreated. It isn't using Disney images but just some words that Disney uses but doesn't have copyright protection over.

BAD: This is bad for a few reasons. It is using Disney Font, Mickey ears and Disney Characters. Even though it was designed by the creator of it, it is copying Disney completely.


I would say this is okay because even though it is mimicking Disney font, it isn't EXACTLY Disney font. BUT It's a bit questionable. Super cute idea though.

These are made using Disney Buttons. They are licensed Disney buttons BUT I would make sure there is no where on the packaging that states for personal use only.

Even Google has infringing items for sale. 1 of these is okay. Can you pick which one? I will give you a hint, polka dots are not owned by Disney.


Yeah they are big. So if they want to care, you should care that they can care whenever they want to care. Disney is a sleeping giant that could grind your bones to make their bread.

"If I gather Images from google, and charge for MY TIME"

NOPE! Don't. PLEASE don't. I see Etsy stores doing this ALL THE TIME. with some fancy wording like. "I am not claiming to create these items, and hold no rights to the characters expressed in this listing blah blah blah...." DON'T DO IT.

"Licensed Fabrics"

This is one I struggle with because why would you make something so enticing to do something with, however the fabric states right on it, that it is for personal use only. You CAN sell the fabric as fabric, under the right to sell personal property, but since it states personal use only, you CAN NOT make something and sell that item legally.

I have yet to learn the answer for buttons and ribbons but I would check to see that it doesn't say for personal use only on them.


Ladies and gents this is the moment you've been waiting for: (whispering in Hugh Jackman's voice)

SO Let's chat about how you CAN Sell Disney items and not get in trouble. That is just IT. You can sell DISNEY items. Not your item that has Disney infringement qualities.

So how can we still get creative? While still selling Disney LOVE.

This is where you MUST think outside the box and I am here to help you! You can pair a handmade item that compliments your AUTHENTIC DISNEY item. You can alter the Disney items to dare I say, be cooler then it originally was. (Of course stating that it is no longer in original condition) so let's get some ideas.

Resell Licensed Items:

There is no law about selling items you purchased. This means you can sell old Disney items, refurbished items, or even clearance or on sale items you have found.

Resell licensed Items paired with a handmade item:

You can pair something with similar colors, cute sayings that bring more meaning to the item or embellish the item with cute things.

Piggy backing on that, connect with already licensed sellers and purchase wholesale from them. There are tons of companies that have Disney licenses. I wouldn't DIY anything onto these items as you are no longer selling your personal property. I would suggest just pairing items with these.

EXAMPLE: These T-shirts are sold BY DISNEY on amazon and paired with a DIY tutu. (This video will be in our OcTAYber lineup.) But selling the T-shirt + The handmade Tutu is A-OK!

use NON licensed characters:

Some characters have passed their mark of copyright protection. After 70 years certain characters fall out of protection allowing anyone to use the character for their own selling rights. I will let you learn about this if you really want to know. However most characters are not actually created by Disney. Their original characters are often free to use but even some Disney characters are free to use.

Make ACTUAL inspired content:

TRULY Inspired Items are okay to sell, but MUST not infringe. I looked around Etsy and there were hardly any I found for examples. We offer great SVGS that do not infringe on copyright if you want some examples. See the photos we did of the girls in their shirts. None of the sayings are copyright quotes, OR use any images/fonts created by Disney. (Not the mickey ears, we can't sell those)


Feel free to make all the personal items you want. You will probably get people to ask you if they can buy things from you if you post on social media so just be careful. I suggest teaching or inspiring others to make their own. Or sticking to actual inspired content.

Get a Disney License: I know this one is the hardest route, but if you have a large company and you are making good money, you should look into getting licensed. It can be costly, but if your audience loves Disney it can be worth it.


Walt Disney Wednesdays are Coming back in 2020 to my Youtube channel and they are going to be AWESOME! Every weds there will be a new Disney DIY that is 100% Completely legal to make and sell! WHAT?!? I know, I am excited too!

Each week we will release a Disney Inspired bundle to our members!!!

You get an SVG, and you get an SVG and you get an SVG!!!


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Crystal Renee
Crystal Renee
04 Tem 2021

im making resin ... and im wanting to make boxes with items that resembles movies ... example ... scissors , buttons - coraline... nightmare before christmas button characters, sewing needle... already know the movie... etc.... would this be considered copyright???? im so confused

Kimberly Norkooli
Kimberly Norkooli
26 Ağu 2021
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

As long as you do NOT use Disney Fonts and you do not have the actual Characters in them, then no. Those would fall under INSPIRED BY. A Good example of a big no-no would be an Esty shop I found tonight called Drawings by BoBa. Looks like they have been selling wine glasses that they painted Disney toons onto the glass. They are the exact toons and they list them by the toon names and even use Disney's name in the listing. I have no idea how they are getting away with that, but looks like they are making a killing on selling them. You would think Esty would actually ban those types of things in the long run.…


Emma Kauter
Emma Kauter
13 Haz 2021

how do we know if the words from a move are under copyright? for instance the photos above have to infinity and beyond and a whole new world. is there somehow i can check the sentence i want to use is not under copyright?

Kimberly Norkooli
Kimberly Norkooli
26 Ağu 2021
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Go to the official website of the United States Copyright Office to use its online "Public Catalog Search" for works copyrighted after 1978. Use the "Keyword" search field for phrases in copyright records. Surround the phrase with double quotation marks to search for the precise phrase. WebVoyage ( I tried to link it here... hope it works If not google it.


Emily Garry
Emily Garry
19 May 2021

I make lush items, bath bombs, lotions, ect... and have found oil mixtures that represent Disney movies or songs. Is that inspired or copyrighting? I’m a little confused about that.

Kimberly Norkooli
Kimberly Norkooli
26 Ağu 2021
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Inspired as long as you do not use Disney Fonts, copywritten phrases and the likeness or the exact toons on the item or packaging. So, say you have a Light Blue Sparkle Bath Bomb that say is Blue Raspberry scented. It reminds you of Cinderella. In your Listing you can say... This Bath Bomb has the look with a scent that will remind you of Cinderella. But you cannot say... "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, this Cinderella Bath Bomb might be just for you!" nor can it be on your packaging of that item. It is trademarked/Copywritten.


Just wondering can you buy items at the park new (or limited quantity) to park and then resell on social media. I have a annual pass so I could buy for discount and then sell for what you would pay if you didn’t have discount.


I'm new to you membership and so far, I am having fun going through everything. I have a small gift basket business but I love to craft too.

I love the SVG of Skeleton Mickey but I saw one on a Youtube video with just the front of the Skeleton. Will you post that one again? I want to make a shirt for my daughter and daughter in law for their October trip but don't want the back skeleton.

Thank you!

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