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How to Sew Doll Clothes with Your Cricut!

Now that we know how to cut fabric with our cricut it's time to start sewing! We added 9 new Doll sewing patterns to the membership and will add more soon.

These patterns are created for 18in dolls like American Girl dolls, but will also fit the Target Next Generation dolls and Walmart 18in Dolls. I actually think the Next gen dolls are cuter. And are only $30-$35 as apposed to the American girl doll prices that can be out of most people's budget.

With that here is a video on how to assemble all of our patterns. Use the time stamps in the description to go to each individual pattern.

:50 - Scrunchie Tutorial

7:12 - Doll Pajama Sewing Tutorial

12:44 - Doll Pajama Jacket

28:09 - Eye Mask

31:01 - Travel Pillow

33:08 - Doll Robe

42:55 - Doll Dress

And if you missed the Tutorial on how to cut fabric with your Cricut here it is thanks to Sam!

My Favorite is the PJ Pants Paired with these adorable sublimation shirts from Amazon! Get the pack here!

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Trinka McCabe
Trinka McCabe

Hey what size is the pattern piece for the skirt bottom? I don't see or hear Sam say what size you need to cut. thanks


Trinka McCabe
Trinka McCabe

I need some help. Can't open the 18" doll accessories pattern. thank you

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